Cell lines for dysferlin research

The following cell lines may be of interest to the dysferlin research community. Please feel free to contact the Jain Foundation for more information or with specific questions about working with these lines.

Human Cell Lines

  • Immortalized primary patient myoblasts
    Myoblast lines derived from dysferlinopathy patients with known dysferlin mutations.
  • Human iPSC lines
  • Immortalized human fibroblasts:  Human fibroblast cell lines from dysferlinopathy patients. Developed by Dr. Monkol Lek.
  • Immortalized MyoD converted human fibroblasts: Immortalized fibroblast cell lines from dysferlinopathy patients converted to myoblasts by MyoD expression.  Developed by Dr. Monkol Lek.


Mouse Cell Lines

  • GREG cells
    A spontaneously immortalized myoblast line derived from the dysferlin-deficient A/J mouse.
  • Dysferlin-knockdown C2C12 cells: C2C12 cells with shRNA-mediated stable knock-down of dysferlin as a single-cell cloned line (isolated by Dr. Rumaisa Bashir). The cells express 10% of normal dysferlin and must be grown under antibiotic selection. Control cells with scrambled shRNA expression are also available.  Available from ATCC: https://www.atcc.org/en/Products/All/CRL-3418.aspxhttps://www.atcc.org/products/all/CRL-3419.aspx
  • Dysferlin-eGFP gene edited mouse C2C12 cells: Several cell lines edited at one or more alleles to express chimera proteins of dysferlin fused at its C-terminal luminal end with eGFP.  Developed by Dr. Tom Kirchhausen.