Regenerative Capacity of Muscle

Amy Wagers, PhD

Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA)

Dr. Wagers is an Assistant Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School and a Principal Investigator in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology at the Joslin Diabetes Center (Boston, MA).

Past Projects

Explore whether exposure to a normal systemic environment influences dysferlin-deficient disease progression

Progressive decline in the regenerative capacity of skeletal muscle is part of normal aging. Previous work using parabiosis -- the surgical joining of two animals so that they develop a common, anastomosed circulatory system -- has shown that skeletal muscle regenerative capacity in aged mice can be improved by exposure to the systemic environment of young mice. This project will use parabiosis between young wildtype and dysferlin-deficient mice, at different stages of muscle degeneration, to explore whether muscle regeneration in diseased mice can also be improved by exposure to a wildtype systemic environment. This project may lead to identification of blood-circulating factors that improve symptoms of dysferlinopathy.