CD55 Modulation

Tejvir Khurana, MD, PhD

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

Dr. Khurana is an associate professor at the Department of Physiology and Pennsylvania Muscle Institute, University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA).

Past Projects

Identify activators of CD55 and use them to analyze damage inhibition.

Different muscle groups are affected differently in dysferlinopathies. Some muscle groups are not involved at all. This aspect of the disease offers clues leading to cure if the molecular driver of this difference is identified. Data from others has shown that CD55 is down regulated in affected muscles in Miyoshi patients. CD55 plays a role in inhibiting complement-mediated damage caused to muscle it is possible that up regulation of this factor will help prevent damage to muscle. The human CD55 promoter gene is cloned and an assay is being developed using stable cell lines where we can screen and test several small molecule and drug screening to identify an activator of CD55.