Androgen Receptor Mediators

Christina Jamieson, PhD

University of California at Los Angeles (Los Angeles CA)

Dr. Jamieson is an Assistant Professor of Urology at the University of California at Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine (Los Angeles, CA).

Past Projects

Identify muscle-specific SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Mediators) for therapeutic use in LGMD2B/MM

Aside from avoiding strenuous exercise to prevent further muscle damage there is no treatment or cure for LGMD2B/MM. Glucocorticoid (steroid) hormone-treatment suppresses inflammation and damage in other muscular dystrophies and muscle inflammatory diseases but it is not effective in reducing muscle damage in LGMD2B/MM patients and can even make it worse. Androgens are well-known stimulants of muscle development and promoters of cell survival. Using mouse and human models of muscle development we are analyzing the muscle-building mechanisms of androgen receptor agonists in the presence and absence of dysferlin. We are also establishing screens to identify SARMS (Selective androgen receptor mediators) that are preferentially muscle building with minimal side-effects as protective therapy against dysferlinopathy.