Apply for Funding: New Submission Guidelines

Instructions for submitting a proposal (please use the forms linked below):

  1. The project must have direct relevance to dysferlin deficiencies -- either to extend our understanding of the disease or a unique approach to a treatment for the disease.
  2. The project should not have been previously performed elsewhere and sufficient due diligence should have been done to find out if the same project is currently being done in another lab. We will confirm this independently.
  3. Complete the application cover page.
  4. Follow the preferred proposal format as outlined in the table of contents of the cover page.
  5. Include a detailed and aggressive timeline of experiments that will lead to the results of the project, using this sample timeline chart as a template. Proposals without a detailed timeline will not be considered.
  6. Include a detailed budget covering personnel, materials, and all other direct costs for the proposed project, followed by justification for each expense, using this budget template form. As a private foundation focused on a rare disease that is funded by patients and their families, we try to maximize the impact our funding has in the field.  Therefore, it is the policy of the Jain Foundation not to cover indirect costs and we request all institutions waive indirect costs for Jain Foundation funded projects.  Proposals without a detailed budget and justification will not be considered.
  7. The proposal should be approximately 6-10 pages (excluding references) to cover the level of detail that we expect. The proposal should briefly discuss:
    • Relevant background motivating the question being addressed.
    • The specific aims of the proposal.
    • The experimental methodology that will be employed. The experiments should be described in enough detail for us to understand why each step in the experimental plan will require the time stipulated in the timeline.
    • Preliminary data supporting the aims and methodology. This information must be included for the Jain Foundation to assess the feasibility of the proposed project.
  8. You will be asked to view the terms of the Jain Foundation Research Agreement. This agreement is required to initiate any funding with us, and is designed with a single goal in mind: to expedite development of a treatment for LGMD2B/Miyoshi.
  9. Please send proposals to .