Apply For Funding

The Jain Foundation funds research using a non-traditional funding model. The explicit goal of the Jain Foundation is to expedite development of a treatment or cure for the dysferlinopathies (LGMD2B and Miyoshi Myopathy). Your proposed project MUST have application to these diseases, or it will not be considered. For examples of the types of projects we fund, please view our currently funded projects.

Hover your mouse over the blue steps or click on the blue underlined links in the figure below to learn more about our process.

Detailed submission guidelines:


  • Pre-proposals are encouraged.
  • Researchers are welcome to contact the Jain Foundation with a 1-2 page "pre-proposal" to gauge our level of interest at any time.
  • Please send pre-proposals to .


 Review includes detailed suggestions/information on pertinent research tools

Multiple rounds of review discussions (typically 3 or more) are conducted between the Principal Investigator and the JF scientific review team. These frequently include re-design of experiments/timeline/budget.
Updates are in the style of lab meetings and any change in direction is discussed with JF team.