Clinical Studies and Trials

There are two types of studies that dysferlinopathy (LGMD2B/Miyoshi) patients can participate in and both types are critical to the development of therapies for dysferlinopathy:

  • Clinical Studies - These studies are an essential first step in developing therapies because they help us better understand the disease and identify ways to measure disease progression in clear definable ways. Although clinical studies do not test potential therapeutic interventions, effective clinical trials cannot be performed without the knowlege we gain from these studies.

The Jain Foundation sponsors its own clinical studies and trials and keeps track of all studies involving Dysferlinopathy (LGMD2B/Miyoshi Myopathy) patients.  We also track studies/trials that treat other diseases whose results could directly impact the progress towards a treatment trial for LGMD2B/Miyoshi/Dysferlinopathy.  Please click on the links below for more information about current and past studies and trials. 

Clinical Studies and Trials for Patients with LGMD2B/Miyoshi Myopathy/Dysferlinopathy

Relevant Clinical Studies and Trials for Patients with Other Muscular Dystrophies

For information about why participating in clinical studies is important to the development of therapies for dysferlinopathy please read the following: Letter from Jain Foundation’s Co-President, Laura Rufibach