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Academic scientists are evaluated and rewarded based on being the "first to publish." Publishing translates into receiving funds from the NIH more easily and securing tenure at a university. Unfortunately, the path of translating basic research findings into clinically-relevant therapies is long and inherently collaborative, with limited opportunity for high-profile publications for individual scientists. The Jain Foundation would like to acknowledge the  researchers listed for their commendable efforts to work together to realize a shared goal: to find a therapy for dysferlinopathy.

This chart shows many of the collaborations in the dysferlin field that the Jain Foundation has tracked since 2005. Researchers in blue have received funding from the Jain Foundation, and the sizes of the circles reflect the number of collaborations in which the researchers have participated.

We believe that their efforts deserve to be recognized, because collaboration is vital for scientific progress but is particularly challenging given the current scientific system that rewards competition and individual achievement rather than collective achievement. These researchers set the bar for the rest of the field. Through their willingness to collaborate, research on dysferlinopathy is moving across borders and bridging expertise, leading to much more rapid and efficient progress towards a cure.

Elizabeth Barton • Rumaisa Bashir • Reginald Bittner • Robert Bloch • Robert Brown • Kate Bushby • Michele Calos • Tatiana Cohen • Sandra Cooper • Giulio Cossu • Jordi Diaz-Manera • Eduard Gallardo • MirandaGrounds • Madhuri Hegde • John Heuser • Ann Hinderliter • Matthew Hirsch • Eric Hoffman • Isabel Illa • Jyoti Jaiswal • Christina Jamieson • Thomas Kirchhausen • Martin Krahn • Louis KunkelSe-Jin Lee • Nicolas Levy Rich Lovering • Jianjie Ma Ibrahim Mahjneh • Chie Matsuda • Michelle Maxwell • ElizabethMcNally • Paul McNeil • Jerry Mendell • Sasikumar Menon • Jeffrey Molkentin • Steve Moore • Vincent Mouly • Daniel Muller • Kanneboyina Nagaraju • Terrance Partridge • Thomas Rando • Morayma Reyes • Isabelle Richard • John Robinson • Joseph Roche • Diane Shelton • Michael Sinnreich • Kevin Sonnemann • Simone Spuler • Daniel Stockholm • Bryan Sutton  • Lee Sweeney • YvanTorrente • Andoni Urtizberea • Silverevan der Maarel • MohanViswanathan • SteveVogel • AmyWagers • Tom Walz • Jianyin Xi • Mayana Zatz • Joshua Zimmerberg