Project Management: Roadblocks

Through close interaction with funded researchers and scrutiny of the progress of funded research projects, the Jain Foundation became aware of the need for additional tools in the dysferlin field that had not yet been developed, including those listed in the table above. This lack of tools was a significant challenge to dysferlin research, severely hindering the scientific questions that could be answered and deterring new investigators from entering the field. To address these roadblocks to research progress, the Jain Foundation has designed, developed and distributed DNA constructs and antibodies from commercial companies, as well as maintained colonies of mice in public repositories. Please visit our page on currently available research tools for more information.

This exercise in creating tools for the dysferlin community has been a very valuable one. For example, the Jain Foundation's effort to provide dysferlin DNA constructs to interested laboratories evolved into a commercial development and distribution project (see diagram below). We spent two years trying to obtain dysferlin DNA from the laboratory that had initially cloned it, with constant assurance from them that they would share. Ultimately, it took us only three months with a commercial company to make and distribute the DNA. The availability of this dysferlin DNA construct has put dysferlin research within easy reach of laboratories worldwide. We quickly applied this strategy to other research tools as listed in the table above. Tool and reagent development is a major thrust of our program, and we are constantly on the lookout for gaps in tool development and address these in real time.