Project Management

The Jain Foundation full-time, in-house scientific team is solely dedicated to evaluating and monitoring the Foundation's scientific activities. The Foundation team closely communicates with all funded researchers and coordinates funded projects. The team accomplishes this close scrutiny by requesting frequent conference call updates with the Principal Investigator who is leading each project.

The update conference calls last an average of two hours, involve our entire Foundation team and include an exhaustive discussion of experiments performed since the last update. The calls are similar to the group meetings that are typically held within individual laboratories. This high degree of monitoring is very effective at keeping the funded research projects progressing as intended.

These updates initially took place every month, but as the number of projects grew, the frequency of updates has dropped to once per quarter. At first, these updates were not easy to elicit: funded investigators protested about the amount of preparation time required for the update reports and calls, and pointed out that science does not progress fast enough to have meaningful results so frequently. But over time, they have recognized our ability to provide direction and focus to their research efforts, and to help them eliminate roadblocks in real time. We now enjoy a close and productive relationship with all of our research partners.